The 10 Most Creative Works of Graffiti Art

Graffiti art has become more appreciated over the years, with the likes of Banksy proving that it’s more than just vandalism. In celebration of street art, here’s a list of 10 of the most creative works of art you’ll probably ever lay your eyes on.

1.  Oh Yeah!


Apophenia is the ability to see faces in objects; however, this graffiti artist decided to make a fac a little clearer by painting a detailed mouth on this old building. Brilliant!


2. The Oxymoron


Banksy had to be on this list, right? Of course he did. What’s great about Banksy’s work is that he doesn’t just present stunning images, but he offers a powerful message that really makes you think. We picked this particular graffiti because it’s the one that stood out in our minds long after we clicked away from it.

3. Yee-haa!


What’s fantastic about street art is that it can make a flaw a thing of beauty. One day this wall was flaking away, and the next it offers a creative and humorous picture.


4. The Steps


3D graffiti is one of the best forms of graffiti. Fact! More than anything, we just like how it messes with people’s minds.

5.  Bushy Hair


A true graffiti artist effectively uses the environment around him or her to create a design that’s striking and unique – and there’s no denying that this street art is exactly that!


6. Bathroom Graffiti


Wouldn’t you want to kill yourself if you had to spend all of your life in a public bathroom? Must be a hard life having people wipe their dirty hands all over you every day.


7. The Tree


At first it looks as though the tree is growing straight from the ground, but look a little closer and you might be quite surprised.

8. The Houses


At first glance you might just think this is just hundreds of houses, but look a little closer and you might just see some people staring back at you.


9. The Crocodile


Imagine waking up to find this crocodile – or alligator, we’re not sure. It’s enough to make you not want to use the fire escape even in the biggest of emergencies.

10. Graffiti Hotline


Sometimes graffiti is so powerful that it can actually stop you from phoning the services to remove it. Another brilliant and creative design by Banksy!

Do you know any better street art? Have a favourite piece or an opinion on the subject? We want to hear about it.


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