10 Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos from Iconic Movies

If you’re a film buff, there’s a good chance you’re going to be amazed  by the following behind the scenes images. We’ve created a superb list of the best photographs from some of the most famous movies in the world.

1. Gladiator


Image source: http://www.thepoke.co.uk

So you thought Russell Crowe really fought off that tiger? We’re afraid not. Cute stuffed animal, though!

2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back



Image source: http://io9.com/

Sorry fans, R2-D2 was controlled by Kenny Baker who fit perfectly inside the robot. A superb behind the scenes picture that sci-fi fans across the globe are sure to adore.

3. The Godfather


Image source: http://www.anorak.co.uk/352377/in-pictures-2/behind-the-scenes-on-famous-films-in-15-photos.html/

The Godfather is without doubt one of the greatest gangster movies of all time. It also offered the most amazing shooting scenes in movie history, so this behind the scenes picture is a great look at one of many iconic moments in the film.

4. Planet of the Apes (1968)


Image source: http://static.flickr.com/2596/3918556884_db9f284a38.jpg

Who knew apes love to wear Simon Cowell-esque t-shirts and sip drinks from a straw? The sunglasses are pretty cool, too.

5. Jaws


Image source: http://www.just-eat.co.uk/blog/behind-scenes-horror-movies/

Steven Speilberg has always taken big risks when undertaking big projects, and he shows he’s no fear sinking his teeth into a shark movie, or a shark sinking their teeth into him!

6. Alien 3


Image source: http://io9.com/

Alien 3 is arguably the least successful movie in the franchise, but you couldn’t stop these human and extraterrestrial creature from posing for a happy snapshot.

7. Harry Potter


Image source: http://theberry.com/

Bellatrix Lestrange wasn’t too nice to Harry’s Godfather, so you can trust Sirius might not have been too happy about seeing his cousin cosing up to his godson.

8. Silence of the Lambs


Image source: http://www.just-eat.co.uk/

We thought the Hannibal Lector only liked human flesh and Chianti, but it turns out he liked French fries, too!

9. ET: Extra-Terrestrial


Image source: http://www.screencrush.com/

Many people often believe every image on film is used using real-life sets and creatures dressed up in suits. However, many films use miniature sets to help the director perfectly create the desired cinematography.

10. The Goonies


Image source: http://flavorwire.com/

I know what you’re thinking: Michael Jackson was in The Goonies? Bet you want to go back and re-watch the whole film again, right? Well, you don’t have to bother – even if it would be worth another view – as Michael Jackson visited the set of The Goonies in-between scenes, and here’s the proof!

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