The 10 Most Romantic Animals You’re Ever Likely to See

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon on us, and whether you’re single or in a relationship you are sure to fall in love with these romantic animal snaps. Get the tissues ready! You’re going to need them. Seriously.

1. Perfect Penguins


Image source:

Penguins are one of the most loyal birds on the planet, finding mates for life. Always hold your partner’s hand. It’ll keep your love alive, just like this beautiful couple.


2. Romantic Rodents


Image source:

When these lovely ground squirrels aren’t feeding on grass and seeds, prairie dogs can be found smooching unashamedly for the whole world to see. Aw, young love!


3. Cheesy Chipmunks



Image source:

These chipmunks prove how important it is to shower your loved ones with affection whenever the feeling takes you. Look how smitten they are!


4. For You, My Love



Image source:

We can really learn a lot from animals, including that we should go above and beyond to make our partner feel special.


5. Never Let Me Go



Image source:

When you find someone you love, hold onto them for as long as possible, just like these loved up monkeys. Picture perfect, right?


6. Lovely Lizards


Image source:

Could this picture be any sweeter? The loved up look. The body position. The joining of feet. The flowers. This is what romance is.


7. Opposites Attract



Image source:

Love can be found in the most unusual of places. You won’t see it coming and it probably won’t be with the person you would expect. Take this monkey and bird as an example.


8. Cuddly Cats



Image source:

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than just cuddling up with your boo and grabbing a little shut eye. We’re jealous of how happy and peaceful these gorgeous cats look! Makes your heart melt, ay?


9. Kiss Me!



Image source:

There is nothing more cute than an animals in love, is there? Lead from their example and grab that special someone and give them a big kiss!


10. Grow Old With Me


Image source:

They say an elephant never forgets – and these stunning animals prove that they forget how much they love their partner. Everyone wants someone to grow old with.

Have you got a favourite photo from above? Do you know any better images? Don’t be scared to share your thoughts and facts with us here at The List Love.


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