The 10 Greediest Animals on the Planet

Most animals are so cute you just want to stuff them in your pocket and pull them out at your leisure – but don’t turn your back on these animals or they’ll eat you out of house and home!

1. Hungry Hamster


Image source:

Who knew hamsters’ mouths could be so big? It’s his friend we feel sorry for. He’s got no chance getting any of that strawberry!

2. Starving Squirrel


Image source:

What’s sweeter than a squirrel? A squirrel with a mouth stuffed with sweetcorn, of course!

3. Craving Cat


Image source:

You know you have no chance of having any of this fruit. This cat won’t give up this fruit without a fight!

4. Trying Turtle


Image source:

We’ve all tried to eat food as big as our body weight at some point, haven’t we? And it looks like turtles are no different!

5. Cheeky Chipmunk


Image source:

Here at The List Love we’re just nutty about this chipmunk – and it turns out this chipmunk is a little nutty about nuts! You stuff that in!

6. Pop-Bellied Possum


Image source:

Possums love pastries, apparently. You know you’ve felt exactly like this after a big meal!

7. Piggish Puffin


Image source:

We love fish as much as the next person, puffin, but this is just gluttonous! Save some for someone else!

8. Acquisitive Ape


Image source:

This old ape knows what he likes and he likes what he knows. How do you like them apples?

9. Hungry Hippo


Image source:

People call them hungry hippos for a reason, as this photograph shows. Happy Halloween, Mr Hippo!

10. Gluttonous Gorilla


Image source:

We’re not sure if this gorilla is eating these carrots or trying to smoke them. Either way, we recommend he eats them one at a time!

Have you got a favourite photo from above? How greedy is your pet? Let us know by popping in a message below.


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