10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hitler

Adolf Hitler, the founder and leader of the Nazi Party during WWII, is definitely one of the most notorious politicians in history – but that doesn’t mean to say he wasn’t an interesting character. For this reason, we thought we’d take a look at 10 lesser known facts about this dislikeable dictator.

1. Man of the Year


Time Magazine recognises the most influential people in the world – and Hitler was definitely influential. However, I think we can all agree that they made a mistake when they honoured him as Man of the Year back in 1938. They also named Stalin Man of the Year just one year later. That’s two massive mistakes in two years!


2. The Nobel Peace Prize


As shocking as it is, Hitler, the man who murdered 5.1 million Jews, 2.5 million Polish people, 10,000 homosexuals, nearly 1 million Sinta/Roma gypsies and 200,000 German prisoners, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939.


3. The Blow Up Doll


We bet you never knew that Hitler came up with the idea of the blow up doll, as he didn’t want his soldiers to be tempted to sleep with each other or with local residents from conquered countries (who could be Jews).


4. One Ball


Hitler reportedly only had one testicle, as he lost the other at the battle of Somme in 1916. It’s thought to be the reason behind his bizarre walk.

5. Flatulence


Hitler was a bad farter. True story! His flatulence was thought to be so bad that he took 28 different tablets on a daily basis to fight it.


6. Anti-Smoking


Hitler, who was a heavy smoker in his early years, grew to hate tobacco and encouraged his associates to quit smoking. Eventually he launched the first modern anti-smoking campaign in modern history.


7. Dodger


Hitler’s life was saved twice. The first time was by a priest who saved a four-year old Hitler when he was drowning. The second was by a British soldier who spared his life during WWI.


8. Liverpool


Hitler and his nephew didn’t have the best relationship, so much so that Adolf decided to bomb his home in Liverpool. Instead of going into hiding, his nephew joined the US Navy to help bring his uncle down.


9. Animal Cruelty

Adolf Hitler and German Shepherd

Hitler might not have had much compassion for people, but he was an animal lover. The vegetarian loved animals so much he created laws to protect them.


10. Noble Jew


A Jewish-Austrian doctor didn’t charge Hitler’s family when they were suffering financial hardship, so Hitler protected his life by naming him the “noble Jew”.

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