10 Out of this World Space Facts

Space is a vast and complex environment. Unfortunately we will probably never know everything about the universe. However, we thought we’d provide 10 of the best ones we do know.


1. Space Smell


Ever wondered what space smells like? Many astronauts have reported it has an aroma of seared steak, hot metal and welding fuels.


2. Venus


Venus’s day lasts longer than its year, as it completes its entire orbit of the sun before it turns on its axis once.


3. Space Junk


Earth has 8,000 objects orbiting around it, which is known as space junk. The objects are believed to be classified as space junk as it contains debris leftover from past spacecrafts and missions.


4. The International Space Station


The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built, as it cost a whopping US$150 billion.


5. Extraterrestrial Contact


Now this is eerie! In 1977, Earth received a signal from deep space that lasted approximately 72 seconds. We have never identified how or where it came from.


6. Height


Want to add an extra few inches to your body? Head to space, as astronauts reportedly become two inches taller.


7. Astronaut Suit

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An astronaut’s suit costs US$12 million. 70% of the cost is for the backpack and control module.


8. Black Hole


If you were unfortunate enough to fall into a black whole you’d stretch like spaghetti. There could be a black hole in the very middle of all galaxies. So stay away from them!

9. Mercury


A day in mercury lasts about as long as 59 days on planet Earth.

10. Sunlight


The sunlight hitting Earth today is around 30 thousand years old. Now that’s old!

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