10 Interesting Internet Facts You Don’t Know

The internet is an equally weird and wonderful place. So we thought we may as well provide you with some weird and wonderful facts about the world wide web.

1. Daily Domains


At The List Love, we’ll never understand where all the stuff on the internet lives. It appears there’s no end to how much data the world wide web can house, as 100,000 new dot com domains are registered on a daily basis.


2. STD


HTML is such a dirty word, right? We thought not, too. It turns out 1 in 10 Americans need to brush up on their STI knowledge, as 1 in 10 believe HTML is a sexually transmitted disease.


3. Internet Addiction Treatment


Are you addicted to the internet? Well you might want to head on over to China, as the country offers a treatment camp dedicated to internet addicts.


4. Traffic Jam

Bangkok traffic jam

You probably believe that most internet traffic is generated by humans. It turns out you’re wrong, unfortunately, as it’s actually jammed up by bots such as Google and malware.

5. To You, To Me!


This has to be our favourite internet fact. Back when Montenegro became independent from Yugoslavia back on 21st May 2006, their internet domain name went from .YU to .ME.


6. Internet Disorder


Remember when we told you about China offering a treatment camp for internet addiction? Remember how you laughed internally? Well egg on your face. Researchers are actually debating whether to list internet addiction as a mental disorder. Do you have an internet disorder? We don’t. We can quit any time we want. Honest.


7. Clink for the Link


A respected US journalist is facing 105 years in jail for simply posting a link on the internet. The journalist, Barrett Brown, who has written for the Guardian, Huffington Post and Vanity Fair, could face a lifetime of incarceration for simply linking to a document publicly available on the internet.


8. Aint No Mountain High Enough


Ever wanted to take a selfie on Mount Everest? Well now you can as you can access 3g internet at the tallest peak in the world.


9. A Watched Pot


The first webcam was developed back in 1991 where it monitored a coffee pot at Cambridge University’s Computer Science Department. It wasn’t turned off until 22nd August 2001. That is one interesting pot of joe!


10. Internet-less


Over 7 million UK adults have never used the internet. Hard to believe when we live in an age that depends on technology, right?


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