10 Surprising McDonald’s Facts

You see one everywhere. You know it’s bad for you but you keep on going. What are we talking about? McDonald’s, of course! So, behind all the health panic, what else is there to know about the world’s favourite fast food restaurant? A lot, as it turns out…


1. The Golden Arch

golden arch

You know we’re a world of foodies when McDonald’s golden arch is more recognised that the cross. The yellow golden arches have, however, been replaced with white ones in Paris, France.


2. Hungry Customers


McDonald’s welcomes more than 68 million people through its doors on a daily basis. That’s more than the UK’s entire population. Now that’s a lot of hamburgers!


3. Hotdogs


McDonald’s is the home of the burger. However, it could easily have been the home of the hotdog, as it was the first item added to the menu. We doubt it would have been such a success!


4. New Restaurants


You can’t move for seeing that famous golden arch. That’s because McDonald’s opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours.


5. The Queen


McDonald’s really is fit for a queen, as Queen Elizabeth II owns the McDonald’s right by Buckingham Palace. She bought one to supersize her property portfolio. She definitely sends Philip out to pick her up a McFlurry.


6. Ronald McDonald


A man who was actually called Ronald McDonald went against his namesake when robbed a Wendy’s back in 2005. Shame on you, Ronald! What would the kids think?


7. The Largest Chain


You wouldn’t be a fool for thinking that McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain – but it’s not. The title goes to everyone’s favourite sandwich shop, Subway.


8. Kerching!


All those cheap and tasty hamburgers add up. How much? The fast food restaurant reportedly makes US$75 million per day.


9. Menu


McDonald’s isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of chain, as they offer a unique menu in every country. In Portugal they offer soup, in Hong Kong you can grab a slice of Red Bean Pie and in France you can tuck into a stone-baked Ciabatta roll. Yum.


10. Toys


You probably think shops such as Toys R’ Us are the world’s biggest toy distributor, don’t you? Surprisingly McDonald’s is, as 9 out of 10 American children will eat at a McDonald’s chain at least once a month – and will be given a toy in their Happy Meal.

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