10 The Walking Dead Facts Every Fan Must Read

Consider yourself a fan of The Walking Dead? Who doesn’t! Let’s see how good a fan you are by seeing if you know any of the following facts about the hit TV show.


1. Zombie Dinner


The actors playing walkers have dinner together during shooting, while the humans eat separately. We wouldn’t want to sit across the table from them either. Creepy humans!


2. Breathing Walkers


Do you remember the 13th episode of season 2? It was filmed on a really cold night, so the film editors had to digitally remove vapour from the walkers’ mouths.


3. Daryl’s Crossbow


Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, uses a Horton Scout HD crossbow, and claims to take it home with him after filming.


4. The Most Walker Kills


Rick has killed the most walkers in The Walking Dead, closely followed by Daryl.


5. Police at the Scene


Remember the season 1 scene where Merle Dixon is shooting a gun off the rooftop? Local residents didn’t know they were filming and believed Merle Dixon was a sniper. The police were called and the SWAT team arrived “at the scene”. No arrests were made, luckily.


6. Lurker Life


Remember the walker Rick shot in the season premiere? The Walking Dead released webisodes that revealed the zombie’s backstory.


7. The Walking World


Want to know the real dangers of living in the world of The Walking Dead? The walkers outnumber living humans by 5,000 to 1.


8. Zombie Education


All the walkers on screen have attended “zombie school” to learn how to walk and talk just like a zombie. Now that’s something to put on your CV!


9. Walker Names


Zombies aren’t just called walkers in The Walking Dead; they’re also called “roamers”, “the herd”, “lurkers”, “floaters” and “biters”.


10. Smiling Skull


Rick’s first walker kill left a colourful blood splatter in the shape of a smiling skull on his t-shirt. Sinister.


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