10 Super Superman Facts

Before there was Batman, Captain America or Spiderman, there was Superman – who was the second superhero the world first became aware of back in 1938, after Lee Falk’s The Phantom in 1936.

So, here at The List Love, we thought we’d celebrate this old timer by providing 10 superb Superman facts you might not know about.

1. Kryptonite


Back in the 1940s, the US Government requested that kryptonite was removed from all Superman stories, as they believed the comic’s audience would take all future threats of radioactive dangers lightly.

2. Bruce Wayne

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Where would Superman be without Batman? On the streets. That’s because Bruce Wayne owns the Daily Planet and the building Clark Kent lives in. The Daily Planet is a division of Wayne Enterprises.

3. Porn


You might think everyone’s favourite superhero is whiter than white, but the Man of Steel was once brainwashed into doing porn. It was in a 1987 edition of the comic (#592-593), as Sleez uses mind control to force Big Barda and Superman to make an adult film.

4. Lex Luther


Lex Luther is adamant that Clark Kent and Superman are not the same person, despite the fact computer analysis has confirmed it. He believes that no-one as strong as Superman would hide their powers to live a normal life. Not so clever, Luther!

5. Pink Kryptonite


Krpyonite, commonly green, is Superman’s biggest weakness, making him practically powerless. Pink kryptonite can, however, turn Superman and other Kryptonians homosexual.

6. Flying

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Superman couldn’t fly in the original comic, but he was a very good jumper. He also didn’t come from another planet, but was picked up on the streets by scientist Ernest Smalley. He was also bald.

7. The Villain


Jerry Siegle originally wrote Superman as a villain for his 1933 short story “The Reign of Superman”; however, a year later he re-wrote the character as a hero.

8. God-like Superman


The modern Superman comics decreased Superman’s powers because he was seemingly too god-like, as he could fly faster than the speed of light, create earthquakes by clapping his hands and could withstand the heat at the core of the sun. He could even create a miniature version of himself from his hands!

9. Powerful Eyes


Now when we say Superman has powerful eyes, we’re not talking about Henry Cavill’s dreamy peepers – which are pretty powerful! We’re talking about how Superman’s eyes are so good that he can see events taking place on other planets. He can even check out atomic structures of elements or look into the electromagnetic spectrum.

10. Domestic Violence


You’ll be happy to know that Superman is against domestic violence, and once beat an abusive husband until he promised to never hit his wife again. This also just happened to be Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1.

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