The 10 Strangest Objects Left on a Train

We’re all guilty of leaving objects behind on a train, such as gloves or mobile phones, but the following items are just plain bizarre.

1.    An Octopus



Image source:

No, you didn’t read wrong, someone really did leave this little one on a train. Maybe they wanted a keepsake from their holiday.

2.    £30,000


Image source:

Can you believe someone left £30,000 on a train? Well that’s exactly what happened in June 2007 at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station. I know, we wish we were on that train, too.

3.    A Lot of False Teeth


Image source:

The Transport for London Lost Property announced in 2009 they had found a wide amount of false teeth. Let’s just hope the owners have spares!

4.    Human Skulls


Image source:

The Transport for London Lost Property also reported that human skulls had been found on their transport services. *shudders*

5.    Snakes on a Train


Image source:

The movie became a reality in 2011 when officials at Quang Ngai Railway Station, Vietnam, came across four bags of venomous cobras. It is believed these dangerous reptiles were abandoned by snake smugglers, but they were later returned to the wild.

6.    A Stuffed Puffer Fish


Image source:

Why someone would have or leave a stuffed puffer fish on the train, we’ll never know. However, you’ll be happy to learn that the item was quickly reunited with its owner.

7.    Breast Implants


Image source:

I don’t know about you but I’m always leaving my breast implants on the train.

8.    A Cat


Image source:×284.jpg

It’s hard to believe you could ever forget about this little cutie, but this loveable little kitten called Victoria was abandoned on a London Underground train in July this year. You’ll be relieved to know she received immediate care from the Blue Cross and was rehomed.

9. Samurai Sword


Image source:

You’d have to be a fool to carry such a large weapon on public transport anyway, but to leave one on the train is even more foolish.

10. A Human-Sized Heart


Image source:×284.jpg

A human-sized heart was left on the train but was later taking to a local veterinarian by the police. However, the vet couldn’t determine what type of animal species it belonged to. Weird!

Have you ever discovered anything weird on a train? Or maybe somewhere else? Let us know.


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